Monday, 18 April 2016

Hot off the press - Reading comprehension resources for "ANZAC Biscuits" by Phil Cummings

I am so excited about my new ANZAC Day resource based on "ANZAC Biscuits" by Phil Cummings. 

The resource is 40 pages and includes:

Word Work – vocabulary development: thinking maps, definitions, inferring and synonyms
Sensory language – Y charts
Making connections
Character traits – using text evidence
Student-generated questioning
Story mapping
Summarising parallel storylines
Analysing figurative language in the story
Matching adjectives and nouns from the story
Interactive notebook activity - summarising
Exploring verbs and nouns in cooking
Close reading activities – Investigating the history of ANZAC biscuits
ANZAC writing papers
ANZAC bookmarks

This new resource is so "hot off the press" that I haven't even had time to do a preview overview of it.  I wanted to post about it because ANZAC Day is on 25 April here in Australia (next Monday).  You can check it out by clicking here or on the image below.

I made this resource as I just love this picture book and I  couldn't find any other teaching resources that use this fabulous picture book.  "ANZAC Biscuits" is suitable for the early years for a read aloud.  It was only when I was making up the resource, which I intended to initially be for the early years, that I realised the potential this picture book has, with what appears to be such a simple story, for exploring some higher order literary devices, such as parallel storylines and figurative language.

I have created two other resources for ANZAC Day based on picture books.  One is a bundle for three picture books that feature dogs during the First World War.   You can read about this bundle and view previews of the resources that accompany the three picture books in my blog post here.  See the YouTube video preview of this resource here.  View the resource on TPT here.

The other resource is a mega big resource of 70 pages based on "ANZAC Ted".  You can read about my ANZAC Ted resource here and here.  See the YouTube video preview of this resource here.  View the resource on TPT here.

Check out my TPT store to download two freebies for ANZAC Day, including ANZAC bookmarks and an outline of ANZAC Ted that can be used for a class display.

I would love to hear what other Aussies or kiwis do in their classrooms for ANZAC Day.  Did you know that the origin of the ANZAC biscuit is contested? Read more in my "ANZAC biscuits" resource in the close reading activities.

Have a terrific week everyone !

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