Friday, 8 April 2016

ANZAC Ted and other ideas for ANZAC Day

Hi everyone

Following from my previous post about new resources for ANZAC Day, I am sharing some new ideas using "ANZAC Ted", a wonderful picture book by Belinda Landsberry.

It can be challenging introducing young students to the sensitive issues around war, death, dying and sacrifice that surround any study of ANZAC Day, however ANZAC Ted is a resource that does this is a sensitive way.

You can view a YouTube clip of ANZAC Ted here.

Peter Stanley provides a critical perspective and review on the picturebook here.

Rather than viewing the vocabulary in the picturebook as a barrier to comprehension, I saw this as a wonderful teaching opportunity and as a result I am creating a resource to support the comprehension of what I believe is a wonderful picturebook for introducing younger students to Australia's involvement in World War 1.

You can download a freebie of a template/outline that can be used for classroom displays during ANZAC Day from my TPT store here or by clicking on the image on the left.

Free teaching notes are also available online via this link.

I have uploaded a fun rhyming words game based on the picture book in my TPT store.  You can view that here or by clicking on the image below

It is such a fun game that can be played in several ways.  Students work with a small group to match words that rhyme.  If they draw a "poppy" card, they can either return all their cards to the centre pile, or every player has to return their cards to the centre pile (the teacher can decide which version to play).  There is also the option to include the "slouch hat" cards, which give players another turn if they draw this card.

Watch this space, as I am still working on the complete resource to support higher order thinking and reading comprehension using this picturebook.  Make sure you are following me on TPT so that you are notified when the complete resource is uploaded.  

Many thanks to Iva from etsy for the custom-made clip art used in these resources.  

Please note that you would need a copy of the picturebook to use these teacher support resources.

Have a terrific week everyone and all the best to my Queensland teaching colleagues who are returning to teaching next week.


  1. Wonderful resource!

  2. Thanks so much Anne...I am currently finishing off the complete resource. Love the book for introducing concepts of ANZAC Day with young children :)