Saturday, 24 January 2015

Close reading and the Four Resources Model (con't)

Last week I posted about a new project I was working on, linking the U.S. research on close reading with the Australian research around the Four Resources Model (Freebody & Luke, 1990).

I created three resources to use with a school I was working with this week.  The first one is based on the picture book, "Blossom Possum - The Sky is Falling Down-Under" (see below):
This resource was designed for students in the early years (up to Year 3).
The second resource is based on two original poems by Angela Yardy - Seaside Senses and The Shell. 

Each resource includes purposeful reasons for the students to re-read the text and engage with it in different ways to deepen their comprehension.
Please click on the images above to find out more.

My third resource is based on figurative language, using a poem called "The Snake" from the NAPLAN (Australian National Testing) Year 5 magazine.  I am just waiting for copyright clearance on that one before I post it to TPT.  

Both of the resources based on poetry are quite challenging for students in Year 5 and above.

By linking close reading to the Four Resource Model prompts, students engage multiple times with the text for different purposes.  To me, this is much more rigorous NAPLAN preparation than practising past tests.

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A very big shout out to all the Australian teachers who follow my blog - enjoy your first week of the new school year, next week :)


  1. Bloglovin follower #186! I would love the "Blossom Possum - The Sky is Falling Down-Under" resource. =)

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