Sunday, 5 April 2015

Close reading and the Four Resources Model for NAPLAN preparation

Happy Easter everyone!  Back in January I blogged about my work linking the Australian research on the Four Resources Model with the U.S. research around close reading.  You can read those blog posts here and here.

Today I would like to share with you another resource that links the Four Resources Model and close reading, but is specifically designed for NAPLAN preparation (NAPLAN is Australia's National Testing in Literacy and Numeracy).   The focus text is a poem which comes from a previous Year 5 NAPLAN reading magazine and has been reproduced with permission.  

Instead of practising past tests, this resource provides prompts for each of the four resources, to support multiple re-readings of the text for different purposes and higher order thinking.  The resource also includes graphic organisers to scaffold students' thinking and QR codes for inferring vocabulary.  Other vocabulary and figurative language activities are also included.

You can find out more here or my clicking on the image above.


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Lehman, C., & Roberts, K. (2014). Falling in love with close reading: Lessons for analysing texts - and life. Portsmouth, NH.: Heinemann.

NAPLAN Year 5 Reading Magazine 2010

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