Sunday, 18 January 2015

Close reading - bringing the U.S. and Australian research together

I am so excited about my latest project.  I have been dabbling at linking the U.S. research on close reading with the Australian research by Freebody and Luke (1990) on the Four Resources Model.  Find out more about the Four Resources Model here.

After reading, "Falling in Love with Close Reading" (Lehman & Roberts, 2014) these are the links I have made:
I am flying up north to work with a school this week around the teaching of reading.  I will be focusing on reciprocal teaching and you can read about my innovations on that in English and Mathematics here

My colleagues and I are also working with another couple of schools around improving their student data in reading, so I am very blessed that the poet Angela Yardy (click on her name to see her great website) has allowed me to use two of her works to develop a resource that focuses on close reading and figurative language.

In Australia, our national assessment program is NAPLAN and I wanted to be able to show the teachers that if, for example, figurative language was an area wanting in the data analysis, that close reading could be used, using the Four Resource Model as a lens, so that rather than drilling kids with past tests and practice tests, we can actually teach them explicitly in the areas where gaps have been identified for a cohort.

I will be sharing both resources I have created via TPT, so please make sure you are following me on TPT (Ripper Reading Resources) to be updated as new resources are posted.


  1. Thanks Anne - I'm really happy with it :)

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  3. Gosh, thank you Kelly :) I will try to get onto this over the next few days - thank you so much!!! Kylie