Thursday, 24 October 2013

Super Sleuth Blog Stop #24

Well Super Sleuth, you're almost to the end, but you haven't finished yet.  Read on to learn a bit about the Here, Hidden, Head, and Heart reading comprehension strategy.

Here, Hidden, Head, and Heart

The Here, Hidden, Head and Heart (4Hs) strategy is an adaption of Question Answer Relationships - QAR (Taffy Raphael) and Three Level Guides.  The questions support close reading of texts and multiple re-readings. I have found the language of the 4Hs much easier to use than QAR with students, as they don’t struggle so much about the wording or “QAR categories”.  It’s pretty simple - Is the answer “here” (in the text), “hidden” (think and search), “in my head” (my own opinion or prior knowledge) or “in my heart” (how I feel about the issue, topic or text)?  References to other work around this are included in my freebie.

 Details about My Freebie 
My freebie includes 20 pages, with posters, bookmarks and detective magnifying glasses for the 4H strategy that may be used in small group reading activities.  I have also included questions from "Private I. Guana" by Nina Laden that can be used to demonstrate the 4H strategy and a graphic organiser to support close reading of "Tough Cookie" by David Wisniewski.

To access my freebie, you will need to click the case file below.  The file is housed in my Teachers' Pay Teachers (TPT) Store.  It is free during this weekend, but after the hop, it will be a paid item.  I hope you enjoy using it with your students this year and that the tips I've shared are helpful to you in your classroom reading instruction.  

Now that you've learned a little about teaching the 4H strategy, you're ready for my clue.  On your form, you can record this letter next to Ripper Resources...

Red Letter T

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  1. We taught QAR a few years ago - I thought it was confusing as an I'm sure kids did too. I like your 4H idea!

    Great product:)

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  2. You know I love your activities. This is so cute, but more than anything, it will help my students think about their reading. Thanks for sharing it!
    Carla at Comprehension Connection

  3. Thanks you guys...yes I used to get myself in knots with the QAR categories...

    I find this so much easier and in my freebie have referenced to the work of David Hornsby here in Australia who has done work with this (I am unsure if he ideated it actually) and also Marg D's blog has some innovations on it too

    I can only take credit for putting the resource together with the wonderful clip art of my friend Iva from etsy - I couldn't do these resources without the great graphics from Iva

    Have fun with it and thanks a million Carla for inviting me to be part of this amazing blog hop - I am learning so much :)


  4. Thank you for this great resource!
    Sandi at Literacy Minute

  5. Great resource, Kylie! Congratulations on successfully participating in your first blog hop!
    Go Thunderbirds! LOL :)

    Read With Me ABC