Friday, 4 October 2013

Cutlery & Conformity - companion texts to explore identity and self-acceptance

Hi there everyone

Today I am going to share three of my favourite picture books with you, that I use together, as companion texts, to explore valuing and accepting individual differences.

The first one is "Spork" - I just love this book trailer by the author Kyo Maclear.  It shows why "Spork" would fit in really well in any unit that looks at diversity, cultural differences, multiculturalism, valuing individual differences etc.

The other two titles are by Amy Krouse Rosenthal - "Spoon" and "Chopsticks".  Click on the link to see a book trailer for "Spoon."
 "Spoon" and "Chopsticks" are terrific as well for exploring idioms.  Here's a link to some spoon idioms. 
You can check out the Cutlery & Conformity critical literacy resource at TPT. 
Click on the spork pic below to pick up the freebie bookmarks I made using Cara's clip art. 
If you click on Aunt Spoon it will take you to the "Cutlery & Conformity" critical literacy resource on TPT. 
And to celebrate my new blog and thank you for visiting, I have made a freebie sampler of the complete 42 page resource!
Click on Uncle Spoon to access the freebie sampler for all my new followers to my new blog...You can follow my blog by email or through the blog lovin' tab on the right.

Cara Taylor from TPT made me some custom graphics that I used to create a critical literacy unit using these three titles.   

The Cutlery & Conformity - Critical Literacy resource I created is 42 pages and includes:

* vocabulary matching activity (memory/concentration)
* philosophical inquiry/accountable talk prompts for reflection on the "big ideas" in the texts
* idioms matching activity (memory/concentration)
* comparing character traits and themes
* graphic organisers 
* persuasive writing

I'd love you to check it out :) 
In the cutlery drawer of life, everything has it's own unique purpose
Have a fabulous weekend!