Saturday, 2 July 2016

"Mad Magpie" by Gregg Dreise

I absolutely love this newly published picture book by Gregg Dreise (published by Magabala Books.  The illustrations alone are stunning, but the story itself has very important messages for our youth around anti-bullying and teasing.

You can read previous blog posts with an anti-bullying theme here and here.

You can also preview my resource to support teaching with this picture book here.  It includes:

Curriculum Integration:
- Australian animals research (birds)
- Social and emotional well-being – teasing, bullying, ignoring taunts
- Visual art – Indigenous Australian art forms
- Music – analysing song lyrics
- Reading comprehension strategies; vocabulary, character traits, making connections

This reading comprehension resource includes:
- Text connections
- Character traits
- Word work
- Synonyms
- Shades of meaning: synonyms for “anger”
- Magpie bullying strategies
- Idioms for anger
- Magpie bullying thermometer
- Proverbs, sayings and idioms about birds
- Research graphic organisers
- Bookmarks

I had so much fun during our giveaway of a picture book last week, so this week, I am going to give away a copy of my resource to support "Mad Magpie" to three readers of my blog.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy it :)

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    1. It is an awesome picture book with some really powerful messages around bullying and anger management etc. Gregg Dreise is fast becoming one of my fav. children's picture book authors/illustrators :) Kylie