Saturday, 27 June 2015

*New* Reciprocal teaching mega bundle - on sale for a limited time!

I am so excited to share with you my latest version of reciprocal teaching for guided reading groups.  36 pages of posters, bookmarks, role cards and graphic organisers!

You can read my research behind this innovation on reciprocal teaching in English and Mathematics here.  

Meyer, Kylie (2010) “Diving into reading” : revisiting reciprocal teaching in the middle years. Literacy Learning: the middle years18(1), pp. 41-52.  

Meyer, Kylie (2014) Making meaning in mathematics problem solving using the Reciprocal Teaching approach. Literacy Learning: The Middle Years22(2), pp. 7-14. 

The resource includes 8 role cards with prompts for students to lead reciprocal teaching groups.  There are five questioning options for the teacher to select, depending on his/her instructional purpose.  The questioning options to support higher order thinking include:
  • 4W and 1H
  • Question, Answer, Relationships (QAR)
  • Thick and Thin Questions
  • 4H reading strategy
  • Question Creator
You can read more about my approach to reciprocal teaching in my blog post here.

My reciprocal teaching resources are my best sellers on TPT (Ripper Reading Resources) and this has to be my very best version yet, which I have discounted for a limited time.  
Grab it while it's on sale :)

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