Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A new "Creepy Carrots" resource to supplement my best seller + pick up freebies :)

Hi everyone

I was so thrilled about Felicity's feedback about my "Monster Chef" resource, that I made a new resource to support my best-selling "Creepy Carrots" resource for a not-so-scary Halloween.

You can read more about Creepy Carrots and pick up a freebie here.

You can read more about Monster Chef here and save a heap on my new bundle of two other not-so-scary Halloween titles (newly published) here.

My new resource includes QR codes for vocabulary extension and reading comprehension. It includes complex vocabulary from the text (which the students infer the meanings of and then check using the QR codes) and reading comprehension questions with QR code answers that support close reading of the text.  You can find out more about it here.

Thank you to all those readers who already have purchased my "Creepy Carrots" vocabulary extension resource.  

Please leave a message below if you purchased my original resource and are interested in receiving my QR code supplementary resource as a freebie (leave your email address)...please remember, I can check on TPT if you did actually purchase the original :)

Happy Halloween everyone :)


  1. Creepy Carrots is a great resource! I love the vocabulary.


  2. I love this picture book too Anne, on so many levels and it is wonderful for vocabulary extension :) Thanks so much for leaving feedback.

  3. An excellent blog!! Following you :)

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  5. Thanks very much Joanne. I'm following your new blog too - I was just trying to find the link to it to share here in my comments...can you share the link to your new blog here in the comments please? Ta Kylie

    1. http://mrsedgarsclass.blogspot.com.au/
      I'm new to blogging - I'm going to give that a go with your blog page too! :)

  6. I am still pretty new to blogging too Joanne and have so much still to learn! Did you follow via bloglovin' button on the top right hand side of my blog? Kylie

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