Sunday, 4 May 2014

Possums and Emus

Two wonderful new picture books on Australian animals arrived today!

"Karana: The story of the father emu" is written by Uncle Joe Kirk who is a Brisbane and Wakka Wakka elder.  This is a wonderful Australian Indigenous picture book which would be terrific for teaching rhyme.  The book is about how Karana, the father emu, cares for his chicks and teaches them how to survive in the bush.  It is a circular story with lovely illustrations by Sandi Harrold.  

There are some interesting facts in here that I didn't know...did you know that baby emus swallow little stones?  Do you know why?

"Possum's Big Surprise" is a newly published picture book by Colin Buchanan and Nina Rycroft.  This is another great text for teaching rhyming words, verbs and adjectives.  It is a terrific picture book for predicting as well.  

These two picture books are just terrific to add to the study of Australian animals.  Do you have any other favourites?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this John, but I am unsure what it has to do with my Possums and Emus post...Kylie